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Center for Marriage and Family

(a cooperative of independent practitioners)

7294 Argus Drive

Rockford, IL  61107


We are professional counselors trained in cutting-edge relationship science and practice. We care for relationships of all kinds and in all aspects of human experience.

We believe mental health services should be accessible to everyone.  We offer sliding scale fees to those who qualify.

The ampersand in our logo is symbolic of the bonds we work to strengthen: husband & wife, mother & daughter, etc.  

our goals

our mission

who we are

To bring holistic healing practices to individuals and relationships

To help people health from distress, trauma, and emotional injuries so they can experience joy and connection.

To enhance the practice of compassion and care in relationships.

To provide education and community service on the science of healthy relationships.

To advance the science of healthy relationships in all areas of human experience, including relationship to self, romantic and intimate partnerships, parent-child relationships, and professional and social relationships.

To promote best practices in building flourishing relationships or repairing distressed ones.

To build healthy communities by building healthy relationships at every level of society.